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Corporate Quit Smoking Program

Matrix Laser Clinics can help your employees 


It is always a great time to encourage a 100% smoke-free work place.  Matrix Laser Clinics can work with you and your employees to help make this happen.



     The Matrix Program:

Laser Acupuncture has been used for two decades overseas to help people quit smoking.  Matrix Laser Clinics has been established for over three years in Australia and we have helped thousands of Australians quit smoking for life. We have successfully completed corporate contracts with many companies including Ergon Energy, Sparq, Custom Fluid Power and Kleenmaid. 

Matrix Laser Clinics use a three step program to help with the physical and psychological aspects of quitting for LIFE.  The three step program starts with a one hour treatment - and most people require just one treatment.

1. Laser Acupuncture to reduce the physical need for nicotine without using a drug.

We use computerised, low powered lasers which target thirty specific Acupuncture points. The laser is completely painless and non invasive.  These points have been selected to help;

2. Seven tools that are designed to help your staff deal effectively with the psychological aspects of quitting smoking.

These strategies and tools will help your staff break habits, associations and thoughts of smoking, in the long and short term. In addition, we are available to offer telephone advice and support after the treatment.

3. Herbal Supplements:

Just consider some of the problems associated with employees who smoke:


We understand the impact loss of productivity in the workplace has on a business and we therefore offer your staff the convenience of treatments at your workplace.  The treatment session takes approximately 60 minutes per person, therefore work downtime is minimal.


We are offering an affordable corporate treatment plan that will benefit both your employees and your business.  The total cost of the three-step program is $595* plus GST.  Many companies choose to enter into a cost-sharing arrangement with their employees.  This rate is negotiable based on the number of staff members who receive the program.

*The GST rate varies according to the billing method


For further information about the Matrix Corporate Quit Smoking Program, please call:

1300 67 68 69