Matrix Laser Clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the program involve?

The Matrix Laser Clinics approach to you successfully quitting smoking involves 3 Steps:

  1. First, we stimulate 30 of the body’s Acupuncture points for up to 60 seconds each with a low level/non-thermal laser. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is different from high powered laser therapy in that the laser cannot burn the skin. The laser is completely painless and very effective.   The laser treatment is conducted by fully qualified Acupuncturists with additional Laser Safety Certificates.

  2. The second step of the program involves our unique lifestyle techniques. These techniques are designed to help empower your mind and decrease your desire for cigarettes. These techniques will help you deal with ‘letting go’ of your habit, breaking associations and patterns and re-training the mind in the long and the short term.

  3. The third step of the program involves 3 different supplements. These supplements are used to aid in decreasing cravings, increasing your immune system, and healing your body quickly.


2. How does the laser stop me from smoking?

The LLLT targets three main systems within the body.

  1. The Endorphin System: Every time you have a cigarette endorphins are released. Endorphins are hormones which make you feel good. When you stop smoking your body continues to want the extra endorphin release, which is why you ‘crave’ a cigarette during withdrawal. By targeting the endorphin releasing points, the LLLT helps combat these cravings. The LLLT helps create a sensation within the body which mimics your body’s response to nicotine.
  2. The Detox System: Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals; all are toxic to your body. For this reason, it is very important to stimulate the detox system within your body to speed up the healing process. By targeting specific Acupuncture points which relate to the Liver and Large Intestine, your body is helped to get a detox kick-start. The stimulation of these points will help you feel healthier more quickly by aiding the elimination of toxins.
  3. The Respiratory System: Your lungs have been compromised by smoking. For this reason, it is important to stimulate points which help to strengthen the lungs and immune system. The stimulation of these points may help the lungs heal more quickly and prevent the body undergoing stress related to stopping smoking.

3. Is the program safe?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been used extensively for several years throughout Europe, UK, USA, and Canada. There have been numerous studies conducted on LLLT; none have reported any adverse incidents relating to the use of LLLT.

It is recommended that pregnant women, people who have epilepsy, and people whose skin is sensitive to light do not receive LLLT as the effects on these conditions are still unclear.

4. How successful is the program?

Matrix has treated thousands of Australians in the last three years.  We keep track of our success rate by maintaining contact with our patients at one week, one month and two month intervals after the program.

The three-step program is a successful program but results do vary between individuals. An important factor in your attempt to quit is that you are committed to quitting and that you want to quit. There is no miracle cure to quit smoking, but we provide you with real tools and support to maximise your chance of success.

5. How much does the program cost?

The smoking cessation program is very reasonably priced at $595 inc GST. The cost is equivalent to one or two months smoking for most people. Imagine the savings you are going to make when you quit!

6. Can I claim any discount?

Yes! A $20 discount  applies for each person when the booking is made for two or more people. Matrix also applies a $45 discount to anyone with a Pensioner card or Veterans Affairs Gold Card.

7. Are your therapists accredited to deliver the therapy?

All of Matrix therapists are fully qualified Acupuncturists with additional Laser Safety Certificates.  All of our therapists are registered with the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.  This ensures that you can receive rebates through your private health fund as long as your cover includes Acupuncture.

8. How can I ensure my attempt to quit is a success?

Our smoking program works on the physiological and psychological aspects of nicotine addiction and it is essential for you to be determined to stop smoking prior to undertaking the program. Matrix Laser Clinics will help empower you with various tools to use after the physical aspects of the addiction are eliminated. Using these tools consistently will help give you the ability and desire to be nicotine free forever.  Following the pre-treatment suggestions before your appointment is also very important.


9.  What are the pre-treatment suggestions?

Matrix recommend that you at least undertake the following prior to your treatment;

 > Drink at least 2 Litres of water a day for several days prior to the treatment.  This will aid the body throughout the detoxification process.

>  Throw out all cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays prior to your appointment.  You can have your last cigarette just before you treatment but you should have nothing on you when you finish the treatment.

>  We strongly advise that cease using any form of nicotine replacement therapy at least 3 days prior to the treatment.  This includes patches, gum, inhalers or lozenges.

>  Write down why you are quitting smoking.  This will help to keep you motivated.

>  Please fill in the pre-treatment questionnaire prior to you appointment and bring it with you.

10. Can I claim on Medicare for the program?

No. To our knowledge, Medicare does not rebate any stop-smoking program.

11. Can I claim on private medical insurance for the program?

Yes.  As long as your cover includes Acupuncture you will receive a rebate.  You may also be able to claim through extras cover under smoking cessation programs.

12. What makes the Matrix Laser method different from:

Patches, Inhaler, Gum, Lozenges (nicotine replacement method):

All of these methods use ‘nicotine replacement’ therapy. Basically you are receiving nicotine in a different way. This will often help curb the cravings because the body is still receiving nicotine. Instead of eliminating the nicotine you are replacing it. Nicotine replacement therapy uses nicotine to give up nicotine. Our program helps eliminate nicotine. We believe the Matrix system is so effective because of this principle.

Hypnotherapy: The Matrix system deals with the physiological affects of smoking cessation as well as the psychological aspect. The Matrix system uses a multi-dimensional approach to ensure your success.

Needle Acupuncture: The Matrix system is better than traditional acupuncture because of several factors.

  1. We are able to stimulate more points than traditional acupuncture; therefore, the LLLT is stronger and generally only one session is required.
  2. The laser is non-invasive and therefore our patients are comfortable and relaxed at all times throughout the therapy session.
  3. The use of a laser has been proven to stimulate more endorphins than needle Acupuncture.
  4. Matrix Laser Clinics are specialists in the area of quitting smoking. 


13. Does it hurt?

No!  The laser is completely painless and most people find it very relaxing.

14. Does the program work for very heavy smokers?

The program works for all types of smokers - from social smokers to very heavy smokers. The most important aspect in regards to the likely success of the program is that you are determined to give up. To further ensure your success, it is important that you follow all the lifestyle advice given to you. It takes a small amount of work on your behalf to succeed.

15. Is there a guarantee?

There is no guaranteed way to cease smoking. To ensure your success it is important that you follow all the lifestyle advice given to you. Preparing yourself for life as a non-smoker before the treatment is also important.  Your consultant will be able to help you with pre-treatment ideas.

16. What can I do to avoid gaining weight when I quit smoking?

Your consultant can help with several suggestions to help normalise your metabolism and allow your body to bounce back from quitting.  There are also some simple techniques you could utilise to ensure that weight gain is not an issue for you;

>  Drink at least 2 Litres of water each day after the treatment.

>  Undertake 30 minutes of exercise for at least 5 days of the week.  This exercise should increase your heart rate to ensure maximum benefit.

>  Eat 5 small meals a day.